Wild Sex

Sex Tips For a Wild Threesome

Before the threesome starts, it’s important for everyone involved to discuss their safer sex rules. This includes talking about penetration and how they feel about hickies and love bites. Some couples use threesome sex as a tool to fix their flailing relationships. It’s usually not successful and can cause more harm than good. 1. Don’t …

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Wild Sex Positions Tips

If you and your partner are getting bored with the same old sex positions, try some wilder sex positions to kick things up a notch. These sexy positions will stimulate the g-spot and clitoral area in new ways to make for a fun and orgasmic night. The missionary position gets a bad rap, but by …

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Hardcore Sex in Porn

A hardcore sex film is a form of porn that shows a fully-aroused and naked person performing painful and intense sex. It is considered hardcore sex and is rated as such by the MPAA. In order to be rated hardcore, the film must feature a lot of penetration, touching, and other actions that elicit a …

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hentai comics

Hentai Comics & Anime Series

The recent trend of hentai comics is to depict sexual intercourse scenes in them with the main characters from the Japanese anime series. Hentai is a slang word for Hentai (crooked), derived from the Japanese word which means “vener”. In English, it means “to hurt with words”. This word, “hare”, is also used in Asian …

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