Foreplay Tips That Will Drive Him Wild

Foreplay is a great way to set the mood and turn on your partner before sex. In this article, we will explore 10 foreplay tips that are sure to drive him wild.

Start out with light touching and caressing. Run your fingers through his hair, caress his face or gently rub his thighs and arms.

Playing around with earlobes

Playing around with your partner’s ears is an often overlooked area for passionate foreplay. Licking behind the ears or gently nibbling on the earlobes can be huge turn-ons for many people. Alternatively, whispering dirty or naughty things into the ear can also be a major sexual turn on. With communication and a bit of trial and error, you can find the perfect technique to trigger orgasm in your partner. The ears are very sensitive, so make sure your partner is comfortable with you playing with this area of the body.


This is another foreplay sex game that works well on its own or as a precursor to more intimate activities. You can wrestle your partner and pin them down, tickle their feet, spin their arms above their head or even try kissing them from the top of their head down to their genitals. This is a great way to get physically close with your partner and it can be very orgasmic for her! The goal here is not to win but rather to get her hot and bothered.

Putting on a show

While most people associate foreplay with a particular set of activities that happen in the bedroom, it doesn’t have to be limited to those activities. You can increase the anticipation and heat of a sexy encounter by engaging in foreplay outside of your bedroom. For example, you can tease your partner throughout the day by sending sexy texts and stolen kisses. You can also give them a lap dance to a sexy anthem that makes you feel your best.

One of the best things about putting on a show for your partner is that it can be done with or without them in the room. If you want to take it up a notch, try rubbing scented oil on their skin or giving them a foot massage. This will stimulate the senses and create a mood that is perfect for sex.

You can also use a mirror to reflect their movements and make them feel even more seductive. Another great tip is to lick their lips. This will trigger a release of hormones that increase their pleasure, making it even more explosive. You can also try causing them a small amount of pain, as long as they are comfortable with it.

Teaching him what you need

Whether you’re looking to spice up your intimate time or add a little extra fire to your sexual relationship, foreplay is an excellent way to turn up the heat and ignite your passion. Unfortunately, foreplay is often overlooked or treated like a quick pre-sex requirement. It can be easy for this to happen, but there are some things you can do to make it even hotter.

If you want to get your partner going, try experimenting with different foreplay techniques and switching up your routine. You could change the time of day when you do it, or add a new element to your session, such as candles and music. This will keep things fresh and exciting for both of you, and it will also increase the chances of you both getting horny and wanting to go deeper into the session.

For example, you could give him a full body massage by lowering the lights and adding some seductive music. You could also use massage oils and flavoured products to make the experience more sensual. You could even give him a foot or back rub and then lick it sensually.

You can also try talking dirty to him, which is an instant turn on for many men. If you’re not sure what to say, check out our Dirty Talk Guide for some tips and examples.