Public Sex Tips For Wild Locations

Many people fantasize about having sex in public, but getting caught can be extremely risky. The only way to avoid getting busted is to choose a spot where casual observers cannot see you.

Also, make sure you’re well turned on and use plenty of foreplay beforehand. Lastly, if the location becomes too crowded, just leave and find another quiet spot.


A park is an ideal place to have sex outdoors, if you’re able to find a spot that obscures your view from the public. You can lay down low in the grass and use a variety of positions. For example, you can do the dirty santa, which is like laying down on your back with your partner riding you kind of side straddle-like. It can be pretty intense, but isn’t risky in a way that would put you in trouble with law enforcement.

You can also make use of children’s playground equipment, especially at night when there’s hardly anyone around. This can be quite sexy, but it’s important to be careful of the mosquitos.

If you’re more of an exhibitionist, try having sex in a public toilet or bathroom. Just be sure to do it at night, and that you have your “sneaker gear” on. Women can wear long, loose skirts without panties; men should go commando or wear baggy boxers. It’s also important to be discreet, so as not to alarm other people in the room. You may not be able to reach climax in this environment, but it can be a great way to get your erection going before you get home. It’s also a great option for pre-partying, which can make your sex at home even more intense!


Something about the glistening water and the sun’s warm embrace calls to those who have a craving for risky sex. Public pools can be a great place to hook up without the worry of getting caught, especially when they’re empty and offer lots of privacy. If you’re willing to risk it, you can try positions like the side straddle or dirty santa. Children’s play parks at night are also a lot of fun and allow for lots of positions and cover/heavy shadows. Closets are also a good place for some public sex, but make sure to take precautions. Don’t go all the way unless you want to get charged with public indecency!


Beaches and other outdoor locations are a great place to get it on if you want to have a little fun in the sun (or under the stars). Besides offering a decent amount of coverage, beaches often feature gorgeous views to add some extra spice. And just like with the pool, if you’re able to get away without too much attention from others, it can be an awesome experience to have a little sex in public.

Closets can be one of the naughtiest places to get it on in public, especially when there are no gender-specific washrooms around. The trick to pulling this one off is to be prepared – for example, women can wear loose dresses sans panties and men can go commando or even try out baggy boxers to make it easier to slip in and out of the closet undetected.

It may be cliche to mention the Staten Island Ferry as an excellent spot for having sex in public, but hey, it’s true! Getting it on while sailing in the open water can be an exciting and intimate experience, especially if you manage to do so with a beautiful view. However, if you’re trying to look casual in front of other passengers, it might be a good idea to stick with standing sex.


For people with a risk-taking side, public sex can be a thrill. It can be even more exciting if you get it on without getting caught! A few simple tricks can help you avoid being busted when you have a sudden urge to grind your teeth or suck someone’s cock.

To minimize the chance of being busted in a public space, look for places that obscure your direct view of other people. You can also use your clothing to conceal yourself. Women can wear dresses or skirts, while men can try out a commando look or baggy boxers to reduce their chances of being seen.

A closet is a classic location for sex in public, especially if it’s one of those walk-in types in a building or at a club. A guy can do a quick recon to make sure no one’s around, then sneak the gal in and lock the door shut.

For a little more privacy, try a laundry room or a private bathroom in your apartment. Just be sure to close the door and turn off the light so you don’t wake up your neighbors! Camping can be another wild place for sex in public. Few people are expecting two people to be intimate in a tent, yurt or other camping shelter, so it’s not completely out of the ordinary for a couple to have sex.